Dec 18, 2018

PT and FT available - F4 welcome

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Full time Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten Elementary School Middle School High School Adults

Job Description

<Summer Camp>


Yangju City (양주시청)

Aug 5,2019~Aug 9,2019 / 9am~6pm (Elem Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)

*meals, accommodation provided*

*pick up service at Yangju Stn or Pangyo Stn*







1. Kimpo, Gyeonggido (김포)

A.Mon~Fri 1:30pm~7pm (Elem Eng-F6,F2,F4)

B,Mon~Fri 10am~7pm (Elem Eng-Kor)




2.Express Bus Terminal Stn,Seoul (line 3 or line 7 or line 9)(고속버스터미널역)
A.Mon,Wed,Fri 8am~9am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)

B.Mon,Wed,Fri 8:50am~9:50am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)




3.Shinsegae , Hanam (신세계/하남)
Thu 11:30am~12:30pm & Sat 6pm~7pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2,F4,Kor)

*transportation fee provided*



Tue.Thu 5pm~6:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F4,Kor)

*transportation fee provided*


5.Gongduk Stn,Seoul (line 5)(공덕역)
A.Mon,Wed 5:30pm~6:30pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4)
B.Tue.Thu 5:30pm~6:30pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2,F4)



6.Namjangjoo, Gyeonggido (남양주)
2 x 7pm~9pm or 8pm~10pm (Conv Eng-F6,F2)

*transportation fee provided*



7.Gangnam Stn,Seoul (line 2)(강남역)

Tue.Thu 6:40am~7:40am (1:1 OPIC-F6,Kor)

*transportation fee provided*



8.Gasan Digital Complex Stn,Seoul (line 7)(가산디지털단지역)

Mon 2pm~4pm (Conv Eng-F4)



9.Myeongdong Stn,Seoul (line 4)(명동역)
Mon,Thu 5pm~6pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2)



10.Euljiroipgu Stn,Seoul (line 2)(을지로입구역)
Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri 7:30am~8:30am (1:1 Biz Eng-Kor)



11.Korea Unviersity, Ansan Stn,Seoul (line 6)(안암역)
A.Mon,Wed,Fri 9am~12pm (Biz Eng-F6,F2)
B.Tue.Thu 9am~12pm (Biz Eng-F6,F2)
Start:Feb 11,2019~April 4,2019

*prefer MBA graduated*



12.Seoul Stn,Seoul (line 4 or line 1)(서울역)
Tue.Thu 6;30am~7:20am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F2,F4)



13.Chuncheon (춘천)

Jan 18,2019 ~ Jan 20,2019 & Jan 26,2019~Jan 27,2019 (10am~6pm (Elem Eng-F6,F2)
*accommodation, lunch , transportation fee provided*



14.Chungbuk National University (충북대학교)

Mon~Thu 2pm~4pm (OPIC-Kor)
Start:Jan 7,2019~Jan 25,2019



please email with the following:

1. Recent Resume (.doc, .pdf,)

2. Recent Photo (.jpg)

3. VISA Status in Korea & Citizenship

4. Current Location w/area of preference

5. Phone Number w/best time to contact

6. Indicate interested position in subject line (ex. Place/Days)

7. All potential candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelor degree from an accredited four-year university

Visa Types Accepted

E Visa - Previous E Visa Holder,   F2/F5/F6,   F4 - Overseas Korean,   D2/D4 - Student,   D10 / Tourist - Job Seekers,   Korean Citizen  

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