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Expedited / Rush FBI Background check USA

This post will give you details on how to expedite your USA background check.

In this process, you will use an approved "FBI Channeler".

The FBI Channeler that I have used and that is recommended is "Accurate Biometrics".

This is a 2-step process.
Step 1 - Request your background check from the FBI channeler.  

They will email you an electronic copy in a couple of days that you can have apostilled.

If you want a paper copy, that will come in the mail about a week later.
(I did not use the electronic copy, I waited for the paper copy to avoid any issues with originality.  

However, I have seen the electronic copies accepted by Korean Immigration in the past.)

Step 2 - Send your file (mail or email) to a third party to get apostilled quickly.  

The service that I would recommend is "Monument Visa".  

If you need it back quickly, pay for rush mailing service. 
The fees are detailed in this form.

Done! Great job :) 

Other notes:
This will help those that need to rush the process.  

It can become quite costly to rush but can avoid the 3-month waiting game.  



Please feel to comment your experiences and provide details on the procedure in other countries. 

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