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Request E2 Documents on File with Korean Immigration - Job Transfer

If you have previously submitted your documents and need them again, you can request a "stamped copy" from the "Document Office".

You will NOT need an appointment and you can just ask them directly where that department is located in the building.  The hardest part of this process is finding the right office since each Korean Immigration building is different.  You will need to bring about a dollar to pay for the copy.  IT MUST BE STAMPED. 

You will need this document if you are switching cities or immigration offices.  Sadly the offices don't coordinate with one another but I think they are starting to do better now.  

This document will verify that you have previously submitted your documents.  

The diploma on file with Korean Immigration is valid indefinitely.
The Background Check on file with Korean Immigration is valid indefinitely UNLESS you leave Korea for a period or 90 days or more.  In that case, you will need an updated background check.  

In rare cases, nobody can find your documents.  This is due to outdated record handling and procedures.  Make sure you are at the correct immigration office.  If you still can't locate them, you must request the documents again.  

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