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Korean Tourist Visa / Visa Run

If you DO NOT have a visa or you are traveling on a tourist visa and decide to work here, you will need to go through the normal visa procedures.  

A "Visa Run" will be required in these situations.  You must obtain your visa by mailing the required documents to a Korean embassy abroad.  

If you are in Korea already, Fukuoka, Japan seems to be the destination of choice due to their experience with visa run and the short 3-day processing timeframe.   

Tojin Machi station and take Exit 1

South Korean Consulate in Fukuoka
1-1-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku

Fukuoka Japan, 810-0065

Phone number: 81-(0)92-771-0461/3



Step 1 - Gather all necessary E2 or other visa require documents and submit them to the Korean embassy
The Korean Embassy will issue a "Visa Issuance Number" (3 weeks).

Step 2 - Book your Flight and Accommodations after the Visa Issuance Number is Issued. Arrive and Drop off your documents at the Korean Consulate in Japan before 10:00 and wait 2-3 days.

(Bring: Passport, Passport Photo, Completed visa application Form with Visa Issuance Number, 4950 Yen cash, Keep the receipt for passport pickup)

Step 3 - Pick up your passport with issued visa and fly back


You can also decide to make this a short vacation to another country if you have the time but their visa processing times and level of difficulty may increase.  

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