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Korean E2 - Part Time Work Permission for Additional Work

Complete this E2 permission for additional workplace letter
Have your sponsor stamp it

If you are currently on an E visa and would like to work Part-Time at another employer you will need to get permission from your sponsor/employer.

This can be done simply by getting a signed and stamped letter and submitting it to Immigration.  
This will protect your visa status.

Remember that there are hefty fines if you are caught working illegally and you also risk deportation or a red flag on your immigration file.  

Things you will need:
1. Passport
2. ARC
3. Permission Letter from Sponsor
4. Housing Contract

5. 2 application forms. Visa Extension and Change of Workplace

Your Part-Time Employer should provide:
6. Teaching Contract
7. Schedule

8. School and /or Business License 


Other Notes:

It's best to complete the "E2 Permission for additional Employment Letter Template" beforehand.  Normally business owners are busy and it's easier for them just to sign and stamp the letter.  If you ask them to create a letter, they will most likely delay or change their minds later. 

Also, take into account weekend or unexpected classes.  You should let your part-time employer know about these situations since your first obligation is to your Full-Time sponsor.

Keep in mind that the part-time hours stated on your part-time teaching schedule should not exceed 1/3 of your Full-Time job.  

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