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Korean D2 / D4 Student Visa - Want to work Part-Time?

If you are a student on a Korean D2 / D4 student visa you can find work teaching English.

Before I get into details, keep in mind that the same E2 visa requirements will apply.  Mainly Country Restriction, Apostilled Diploma, and Apostilled Background Check.  

You must be a graduate student who has completed their Bachelor's degree.

You must keep your grades in good standing.

D2 Visa holders can work 20-30 hours per week so that it will not interfere with your studies. 

D4 Visa holders - must wait 6 months from visa start date before working part-time. 

D4 Visa holder can work up to 20 hours a week. 

You will need:

1. Visa Application Form

2. School Permission

3. Transcript or Certificate of Attendance

4. Medical Check with 2 Passport Photos

5. Employee Contract

6. Employer School and/or Business License

7. Teaching Schedule

9. Passport 

10. ARC

11. W120,000 Fee

13. Apostilled Bachelor's Diploma

14. Apostilled Background Check


Enjoy Teaching :)

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