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Korean D10 Visa - Job Seeker Visa

Creating the D10 visa was a great solution to so many issues.  Below I will outline some of the commonly asked questions regarding this mysterious visa.  

D10 - Job seeker - Either you quit your job or you didn't find another job before your previous E2 visa expired. Get an E2 Visa extension first. 

D10 - Job Seeker - You may have been on another visa type that you no longer qualify for but looking to change over to another visa. 

Example 1: 
E2 Employment Contract is completed/satisfied - you will NOT need a D10, just find another job before it expires.  If you need two extra weeks just go to immigration for an E2 extension.  If you can not find a job in time, they will recommend a D10 visa.

Example 2:
E2 Contract is NOT satisfied / You quit.  You will need a "Release Letter" from your employer.  They are not obligated to give you one.  You must transfer jobs within a month of your release. If you can not find another job in time, they will recommend a D10 visa. 

Example 3:
Your current visa is expired and you can not get the same visa again.  student, etc. 

Other Notes:
It IS possible to travel on a D10 visa but keep in mind that if you remain outside of Korea for 90+ days, you will need a new background check.  In addition, it is suggested that you wait to obtain your new ARC card in hand before traveling.  You will use this as your entry/exit document.

It will take 3 weeks for a "visa status change" so it is suggested to avoid getting the D10 visa if you can simply transfer to a new workplace.  The timeline to change from an E2 to a D10 to an E2 will take about 6 weeks since you are changing your visa status twice.  If you are okay with not working for that amount of time or more than that is okay.  



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