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Getting Fingerprinted in Korea

If you are already in Korea and you need to obtain a background check, you will need to get fingerprinted here by the police station. 

I will detail the process I went through as it was quite easy.  

The information listed below for USA.

Step 1 - Print Two Fingerprint Cards (FD-258)

Step 2 - Go to Yongsan Police Station (용산경찰서)

Walk uphill go left and look straight back.

There will be a building in the back which houses the CSI division (4th floor?)
Knock on the door and show them the two fingerprint cards.  

The will stamp and sign the upper left of the form to verify that an appropriate authority conducted the fingerprinting. 


You may be able to get fingerprints done at another police station but I would suggest finding the main branch to reach the CSI division.  

After obtaining these, follow the process of obtaining your background check. 

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