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E2 Self-Check Health Statement - Teach in Korea

The E2 Self-Check Health Statement is one of the required documents required by the Korean Immigration Office prior to issuing your work visa.  The self-check is to prescreen those that may be automatically disqualified.
You will also be required to take a medical test within 30 days of arrival in Korea.  
The Medical Check includes a General Exam, an AIDS test, and a Drug Test via Blood Tests, Urine Tests, and Chest X-rays.
Therefore it is best that you are truthful so that the medical check matches your self-check health statement.

Answering "YES" to some of the questions may automatically disqualify you from teaching here in Korea. 
For the most part, I think we can all agree that questions 6,7, and 9 are self-explanatory.

#8 gets tricky and it's the question I would like to bring to light.  
By all means, answer the question honestly, however, in my experience I have seen immigration officials request hard-to-get or unattainable medical records regarding some simple mental issues.  This will cause you a delay in visa processing.

I won't tell you how to answer but I wanted to let you know that they may request medical records and reject you based on their findings.  

My suggestion is to leave it off if you can "begin" treatment here with no record of previous pre-existing conditions.  (Simple cases).  Getting treatment immediately after arriving may raise some red flags.

Also, keep in mind that your health is the most important thing.  Sometimes moving to another country with a language barrier and no support can be overwhelming.  Take this into consideration.

I hope this helps :)

E2 Self check Medical Form