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Apostilled / Authenticated FBI RCMP CRC Background Check

This part is probably the most intensive part but don't let it scare you.  

This is a two-step process. 

Step 1 - Request Background Check (Country Specific, Links below)
Step 2 - Send to get Apostilled / Authenticated

Step 1 - Pick your country and request a Nationwide Background Check.
You will need to get fingerprinted by a police station.


UK - Disclosure Scotland - 

Canada - RCMP - 

Australia - AFP -

South Africa - Police Clearance Check - 
New Zealand - MoJ - 
Ireland - INPS - 



Step 2 - State or Country Specific

(Google IMAGE search "your country/state, apostilled diploma" you will see an image of how the apostille /authentication looks for your country/state)

(Google WEB search "your country/state, apostilled diploma" you will see details of how the apostille /authentication process is for your country/state)  It will vary based on country or state.

More information about how to get a quick US apostille in a week or less.  Next blog.

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