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Apostilled / Authenticated Diploma

Obtaining your Apostilled / Authenticated Diploma is quite simple but it will be done in 2 steps.

Step 1 - Take your original Diploma to a notary public and have them make a copy.  

They will notarize/sign the "copy" stating that the copy was made from the original.  

The reason that a copy is needed is that Korean Immigration will NOT return these documents to you so you can keep your original diploma.


Step 2 - State or Country Specific

(Google IMAGE search "your country/state, apostilled diploma" you will see an image of how the apostille /authentication looks for your country/state)

(Google WEB search "your country/state, apostilled diploma" you will see details of how the apostille /authentication process is for your country/state)

Other notes:
It is best to have your Bachelor's degree apostilled.  If you have a Master's degree, it is not required for most positions. At a minimum, you should have the Bachelor's degree apostilled and the Masters IF you are seeking a position that requires it.  It only cost a few extra bucks to do them both so I would just do it.  

For new college grads, it is best to wait until you receive your actual diploma and get that document apostilled.  In the past, Korean Immigration accepted "letters of completion" from the school but due to the inconsistency of answers its best to follow the norm to avoid delays and having to go through the process again.   

Read more in our next blog for expedited apostilled services in the US.


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